Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Baby boy

Tonight I came home after you were put to bed...shortly after I arrive at home...I hear your call, "Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma."  Of course I can't resist, so I rush up to rock you.  I love these snuggle right in and you fit perfectly on my lap.  Your hand wanders to my hair and you tickle your sweet little face with manage a tired giggle.  We rock and we rock and eventually you drift off into a peaceful sleep.
These are the moments I start thinking about who you are and who you will become someday.  I whisper a prayer asking God to give you clarity and confidence as you grow...and that you lean on him in all things.  I pray for your future spouse...I pray for a strong woman with a gentle spirit. I also pray that I will be a good MIL to her.  I pray for your friendships...that you would be a great encouragement to your friends and that they would also encourage you.  I pray for God to give you great conviction to serve and love others.  I pray that you would possess leadership qualities...not that you have to always be the leader...but that you feel confident to "go against the flow" when necessary.  I pray for God to give you a passionate that your passion is contagious to others.  I pray for the wild spunk that you possess...that you will never lose it but will learn to control it.  I pray for the man you will be someday (even though my mind can hardly grasp it).  As I finish my prayer, my mind wanders back to our day...

My little fearless climber. My tightest hugger.  My worm killer.  My messy-faced crooked-grinned boy. My big eater.  My little love.  My destroyer of quiet and calm.   My goofy, goofy boy.  Oh, how I love you!

Friday, May 17, 2013


Summer has sprung...each of you are brilliant in summer.  It's like a new "you" has evolved...Joy has filled your soul...It's so amazingly-crazy to see the warmth of summer literally fill each of your little beings.  I love being your momma and experiencing it right alongside of you.  You make me appreciate heat and humidity...your rosy cheeks and sweaty heads make it all lovely in the oddest way.  Here's to summer my little ones!   

Monday, April 8, 2013


 I adore the conversations my girls have.  They are hilarious, precious, silly...etc.  Here is there convo from the other day.

Hallie:  "Harper, do you love God?"
Harper: "Yes.  And I love Jesus.
Hallie: "I love God and Jesus too."  "Why do you love them?"
Harper: "Because Hallie, Jesus died on the cross.  And I just love him."

Little things like this will never get old.

Here are the 2 amigas at the dentist.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Back to blogging.

So I had this brilliant idea to quit blogging and start journals for my kiddos.  Guess what?  I never started them.  So, I am back to blogging to them, or to you, or to myself....or whoever.  I am determined to have journals with them when they are a little older...I want to write back and forth in them. :) 

Here are my cuties on Easter.

Here's the latest on each of them...

-First-born ta-boot.  Driven...I wish I had your drive Hallie!  It's awesome to see you in action!
-Helper.  You are my constant helper...sometimes I forget you are only 5.  I appreciate you so stinkin' much.
-Happy.  You are one of the most happy and joyful people I know.
-Athlete.  You were asked to be on the gymnastics team.  I am so proud of your hard work!
-Smart.  You are excelling at school!  I love watching you learn.
Little one...I love cuddling up with you.  I love talking to you.  I love your compassion for people.  You are amazing and I love being your mom.

-Funny.  You are hilarious.  You constantly make us laugh. 
-Sister.  You are a great sister to both Hallie and Bo.  You play really well with both of your siblings.
-Helper.  You help me so much when Hallie is at school.  I am just discovering this about you.
-Girly, girl. You change your clothes a lot.  You also have great style already.  You also have a strong opinion on hair! LOL.
-Baby.  No matter how big you get, you still snuggle into me just like a baby.  Even though you are a big girl now...your still my baby.
Little Roo...I love our quiet afternoons together.  You are such an EASY kid!  I am so thankful for your spunk and often see so much of me in you.  You are my little Rooter.  I love you!

-Busy.  You are all over the place.  You exhaust me...yet you inspire me.  I LOVE how you are SUCH a boy!
-Strong.  You hang and swing from any type of bar you can find.  It gives me a heart attack...while you just giggle.
-Momma's boy:  Your latest thing with me...I run a few strands of my hair over your face while I rock you.  You love it.  You grab my hair and say more.  Melts me.
-Rough and tumble.  You tackle anyone who squats or sits down.  You love to wrestle.
-Outdoors men.  You are constantly grabbing your shoes and coat and running to the door.  I think you would live out there if you could.
Bo-be...You are getting so big.  It makes me sad, but I love this stage of discovering and learning.  I love rocking you at night.  I just can't get enough of you!  I LOVE YOU SOOOOO MUCH!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Happy Birthday Hallie Kate!

This is beyond late.

Miss Hallie Kate...
You are a BIG 5 year old now.  You are so proud to be 5 too!  You are changing from a sweet, chubby toddler to a lovely, little lady.
You are responsible beyond your years and you are always willing to help.  I love how you are so proud to be the oldest and you fit the role so well!
You are a spiritual little thing.  You often tell us you pray when you are in trouble or in a tough situation.
You are turning into a good little athlete.  It is so fun to watch you improve at gymnastics!  You are eagerly awaiting spring soccer season!
You are learning to read!  You are SUPER excited about the world of reading.
Your #1 hobby is coloring, drawing and writing!  You do this for hours daily.  I love seeing your imagination on paper.
You talk about Lauren, Macy, Adi, Carter and Charlie at school.  I think you have become good friends with them!
You have beautiful, long, straight blonde hair.  Your eyes are a clear blue with an occasional hint of green.  You are pretty tall right now when I compare you to others your age.  You are a strong little thing too!
You have a BIG heart Hallie!  I am so proud of the little lady you are becoming!  I love your passion for life and trying new things.  You are such a blessing to us!  Happy belated birthday sweet girl of mine!!



Sunday, January 6, 2013