Thursday, May 31, 2012

Tiny horses

Here are some pictures of my girls adoring the "tiny horses." 

Family Camp-Jon and Katie

Here are a couple pictures of Jon and I!!  Also, the F Family!  We were so blessed to have one of our good family friends join us!  We are so thankful for our friendship! 

Family Camp- Roo and GiGi

Harper and GiGi were too cute together! 

Family Camp- Hallie Kate

This child should have been born to a farmer.  She loves the country...she has been asking us to move where their is "big land" so that we can have a horse barn.  But more importantly, a horse.  She is passionate about horses! One in particular, has captured her heart...He goes by Jazzy and she loves him.  She cried for a good 10 minutes when we pulled out of Hidden Acres.  It made me sad too.  We had a great time!

Family Camp

Here are a few pictures of my Roo.  She loved the horses as much as Hallie this year!  She is still a little small to ride by herself but she did well!  I love that my girls love animals! 

Gymnastics Spring Fling

Hallie had her end of the year show at gymnastics!!  It was fun to watch her show off her tricks.  She had quite a few "fans" come too!!  She is such a blessed little girl!!