Friday, June 29, 2012


The Nixon weekend!

Our dear, dear, dear friends from Minnesota came and stayed with us a few weekends ago.  We just love Josh, Ang and Kallen!  We feel so blessed by their friendship! Here are a few photos from my phone. 

Summer Buddy...

Here is Hallie and Harper's buddy Jake.  I think this is the closest thing to a "crush" Hallie has ever had.  She just loves Jake!  She wore a dress to my mom's the other day and asked if Jake would think she is pretty?!  It kind of knocked me over but I know it is innocent.  She really just loves him because he is SUCH a nice kid, thinks of cool and crazy things to do, and actually plays with her!  And of course Harper just follows in big sister's footsteps! 

The Zoo

Patty and I took the kiddos to the zoo a few weeks ago.  I forgot my camera but took some photos with my phone. We had such a good time!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Harper Roo....

Sweet, spicy girl- You never cease to amaze me.  I thought you would be so challenging to potty train...but 2 days ago you decided you were done with your diaper.  Just like that, done!  You were done being a baby and ready to be a big girl (sniff!)!  Today you had one accident...and mommy wasn't home for you were probably having too much fun to stop and potty!  I am sooooo proud of you!!  We are still working on going #2 in the potty, but I know you will get it!!  Good job little Roo!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Kiddo Update!

I can't believe I haven't done a written update on my bambinos lately!  I guess that is a true testament of how busy a mother of 3 can be!  I wouldn't have it any other way!!  I am starting with Bo first because he is doing some cool new things!
-You wear size 4 diapers and 6-12 month and some 12-18 months clothes!
-You are in the 89% for length and the 79% for weight!
-You are crawling (6.5 mos)!
-You are pulling up (6.5 mos)!
-You are babbling Ma Ma and Da Da (7.5 mos)
-You are busier than anyone could have warned me you would be! :)
-You are deliciously are a smiley boy!
-You are growing like a weed but all your moving around is keeping you lean! ha!
-You love to bury your face in daddy while he tickles you! 
-You are eating and test tasting lots of food!  You feed didn't like us feeding you!
-You have a mop for's wild!
-You are still nursing great!
-You make getting up in the morning easy...I know a big smile is waiting for me!
You are my joy!  I love you sweet boy!

-You are wearing size 2T and some 3T clothing!
-You are wonderfully strong-willed and sweeter than the apples...all wrapped up into your cute, little self.
-You love playing is your number one imaginative play right now!
-You are obsessed with riding your trike right now!
-You love playing with Hallie but stand up to her when she takes over too much!
-You show all the signs to potty train but aren't doing it yet!  We are going to work at it this summer!
-You always want to be "wittle" and a baby...not big or a big girl!
-Your favorite food is a peanut butter sandwich and you always ask for it at every meal!
-You have an obsession with suckers!
-Your hair does this adorable wavy, curl thing at the ends.
-You are a momma's girl.
-You love your tell me you are tired all the time so that you can have it!
I love you sweet, spunky girl!

-You are wearing size 5T clothing and have been for a while!
-I could keep a daily log of all the things you say.  Some that crack me up, some that blow my mind, and some that are just so darn sweet.
-You love playing with MiMi Kim's neighbor kids right now!  (Kendal and Jake)
-You are very athletically inclined and love playing sports with Mommy or Daddy!
-You still love your pink, bumpy blanket and have asked us if it can go to Heaven with you.
-Your favorite food I make at home is tacos!
-You love imaginative play and usually play Mommy and Daddy or with stuffed animals.
-You are well acquainted with my I-phone and can probably use it as well as I can!
-You are a strong little girl...both in stature and personality!
-You completed your first year of gymnastics and preschool and did well in both! 
-You are quite responsible and really help me out a lot!
I love you big girl! 


Here are my little barbies playing with their barbies!!  We have been outside a lot lately.  We can't get enough of this warm weather!

Bowen is pulling up!

Here is the first picture I have of Mr. Bowen standing!  He looks so proud of himself!

Here is my boy snoozing!  I can't express how much I love this little man!!

Visiting Camp Dodge!

We stopped at Camp Dodge the other day to see the tanks!  The girls loved it!

Harper's nap!

Here is how I found Harper one day during her nap! 

Hallie's last day of Preschool!

Hallie's preschool class did a special last day performance for us!  I can't believe she will be in 4 year old preschool next year!  It's true when the say "don't blink!"

Bowen Loves to swing...Dewey Park night!