Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Baby boy

Tonight I came home after you were put to bed...shortly after I arrive at home...I hear your call, "Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma."  Of course I can't resist, so I rush up to rock you.  I love these snuggle right in and you fit perfectly on my lap.  Your hand wanders to my hair and you tickle your sweet little face with manage a tired giggle.  We rock and we rock and eventually you drift off into a peaceful sleep.
These are the moments I start thinking about who you are and who you will become someday.  I whisper a prayer asking God to give you clarity and confidence as you grow...and that you lean on him in all things.  I pray for your future spouse...I pray for a strong woman with a gentle spirit. I also pray that I will be a good MIL to her.  I pray for your friendships...that you would be a great encouragement to your friends and that they would also encourage you.  I pray for God to give you great conviction to serve and love others.  I pray that you would possess leadership qualities...not that you have to always be the leader...but that you feel confident to "go against the flow" when necessary.  I pray for God to give you a passionate that your passion is contagious to others.  I pray for the wild spunk that you possess...that you will never lose it but will learn to control it.  I pray for the man you will be someday (even though my mind can hardly grasp it).  As I finish my prayer, my mind wanders back to our day...

My little fearless climber. My tightest hugger.  My worm killer.  My messy-faced crooked-grinned boy. My big eater.  My little love.  My destroyer of quiet and calm.   My goofy, goofy boy.  Oh, how I love you!

Friday, May 17, 2013


Summer has sprung...each of you are brilliant in summer.  It's like a new "you" has evolved...Joy has filled your soul...It's so amazingly-crazy to see the warmth of summer literally fill each of your little beings.  I love being your momma and experiencing it right alongside of you.  You make me appreciate heat and humidity...your rosy cheeks and sweaty heads make it all lovely in the oddest way.  Here's to summer my little ones!