Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hallie's swimming lessons

Hallie just completed her first set of swimming lessons! She did such a great job! Jon and I were so proud of her! I am amazed at how independent she is becoming. Here are a few pictures of the first night!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

My art....

This piece I would love to repaint...I don't display it because it is not my taste but it was sooo much fun to paint!
These tulips are in Hallie's room! I love her bright is such a cheerful room!
This has yet to be hung...maybe Harper's big girl room!? I was thinking softer colors though so we will see...this is a bright fuchsia color...not red like the picture makes it look!

My art....

I copied this painting from a painting at my moms....I love the colors in this...but I am tired of my orange bathroom!
This is painted on old scrap wood. I wanted a verse displayed in my kitchen but did not want to pay big $$ for it! I am making one similar for my friend Katie!
This big painting was inspired by an internet image...I have thought about changing it some...Jon and I always laugh and say it looks like ancient hieroglyphics! I really like the sanded look and love that it is also painted on old scrap wood! I also imagine it sitting on a crisp white mantle some day...I guess I need to get around to painting my trim though! :)

My art....

These were painted on old beat up scrap wood. They aren't hanging very straight right now! :)
This will have a mate that will have a white tie and the word "his" underneath! Also, the frame still needs reassembled and the glass added!
This is a painting I did with no end goal in mind. It was purely a creative outlet!

I am doing this post because my house is filled with several of my little art projects...and who knows if these will eventually be painted over and created into something else! Either way...I want to remember my creative journey! I love painting...and although I am not always ecstatic with my results...I still love the process! One of my friends has been encouraging me to start a facebook page and possibly sell some of my pieces...maybe some day! The truth is I would love it...but I think deep down I am a little self conscience that I am the only one that would actually like my pieces! :) These photos are pretty terrible...but I still want to remember these!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Harper is almost 18 months!

I took a few minutes and took a couple pictures of Harper today! I can't remember the last time I took pictures of her...bad mom! :) She was so smiley and sweet! Enjoy!

Boone's Lake House

We had a great weekend at the Boone's lake house!! They are so generous to open their home to a bunch of young people with young kids!! I didn't get a group picture...but here are a few of Jon and Hallie enjoying the weekend together! Harper stayed with MiMi Patty and PaPa don't worry she wasn't left out!