Thursday, June 23, 2011

My art....

These were painted on old beat up scrap wood. They aren't hanging very straight right now! :)
This will have a mate that will have a white tie and the word "his" underneath! Also, the frame still needs reassembled and the glass added!
This is a painting I did with no end goal in mind. It was purely a creative outlet!

I am doing this post because my house is filled with several of my little art projects...and who knows if these will eventually be painted over and created into something else! Either way...I want to remember my creative journey! I love painting...and although I am not always ecstatic with my results...I still love the process! One of my friends has been encouraging me to start a facebook page and possibly sell some of my pieces...maybe some day! The truth is I would love it...but I think deep down I am a little self conscience that I am the only one that would actually like my pieces! :) These photos are pretty terrible...but I still want to remember these!!


  1. You should do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would buy one.....or two....because I am afraid of just trying it :) I still have yet to make the verse board!!

    Love ya girl and MISS YOU! We are in Cali until the 3rd(Happy Birthday Jonny!!!) so lets talk after we get back about a much needed get together before your sweet baby BOY arrives!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I LOVE your work Katie! I really like the tree (the first pic I think). It is wonderful! I would totally buy something like that for my girls playroom! You are very talented Katie! I am so happy that you enjoy what you do :)