Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy Birthday Baby!

Wow! We can't believe you are one year old! We have thoroughly enjoyed watching you grow and change this last year. You are doing so clap, wave, say a few words, sign a few words, walk (still in about 6-7 step increments), dance to music, ride your wooden rocking horse and so much more. You also should know that you are the world's best cuddle bug...We love rocking you to bed at night because of this! You bring so much JOY to our home! You ALWAYS have a big grin on your face that lights up the room! You also can be very intense...especially when you want something or if you are trying to do something. It is so cute to see you trying to keep up with Hallie! You truly try to do everything she does.
We love your sweet little spirit and pray that God continues to bless you!
We love you Harper Roo!
Daddy and Mommy

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