Saturday, April 2, 2011

My girls...

are spending the night with MiMi and PaPa Evans. Although Jon and I love a night to ourselves...we miss them pathetically right about now. They are just the sweetest little things to wake up to. Okay, Okay...I'll quit. Here are a few updates and stories about our sweeties.
-Hallie and Jon have been praying for Kent his co-worker who had back surgery. We mention his name in the car the other night and she asks, "Is Kent getting better Daddy?" Jon replies, "Yes he is getting better Hallie." She says, "Jesus make him better Daddy?" He replies, "Yes, we prayed and asked Jesus to make him better and he is!" Hallie says, "He went up to Heaven and Jesus healed him and he came back!" Oh, to be 3!
-Hallie was saying her Bible verse the other night and Jon helped her with the reference...He slowly says 1 Peter....And quickly she interjects Pan. It was hilarious! Of course every Peter is Peter Pan!
-Hallie's favorite movie right now is Tangled! She loves it....I love it too!
-Hallie loves to color! She is actually quite good at it too!
-She wrote her whole name for the first time a couple weeks ago.
-She is getting good at drawing smiley faces.
-She loves to be outside!! She is becoming a champ on her bike!
-Hallie likes putting her own clothes on now...some of her outfits are quite hysterical!

-She is saying so much all the sudden! Mama, Da Da, Hallie, Harper, Ball, Dog, Please, Thank you, Uh oh!
-She points to her nose, teeth, eyes, and hair.
-She is such a great sleeper!! She goes down between 7:30 and 8:00 and sleeps until 8:30 or 9:00! She also takes 3 hour naps!!
-She loves animals...she gets so happy even when she sees them on t.v.
-She loves to play outside! She attempts to ride her little bike like Hallie.
-Harper does not like to be left out of whatever, Hallie is doing...little Roo does it too!
-She is such a cuddle bug...and she is preferring Mommy right I take advantage of the cuddle time!
-She has the cutest curl in the back of her hair!
-She gets so excited when we pull into either of her grandparents house! She also gets excited when her Aunties drop by!

We are so blessed by these 2 little angels! Baby #3 is doing great too. I had my first OB appointment and I was able to here our little ones heartbeat. It is so amazing...each time it never fails to amaze me! I am feeling pretty good. I still suffer with some nausea in the evenings but I am still amazed that I have not yet thrown up! YAY! My clothes are still fitting but I am pouching out a little bit now...I mostly look like I am just gaining some weight. :)


  1. Great stories Katie! Your girls are quite cute :)

  2. Good stuff Kitty...may I add that Roo is a daredevil on the playground equipment! A great piece to include in your next blog album. You are an AWESOME MOM and Jon is a great Dad too!