Monday, July 25, 2011

My Girlies lately...

Wow!! My girls are getting so big!! We are so busy trying to keep up with them these days! I know I will miss this phase of life so much someday! Here is what I want to remember about these two as of late!
Hallie Kate:
-You are so full of life...You ask questions endlessly! I love your curiosity!
-We are still amazed by your vocabulary. You are able to verbalize quite extensive thoughts.
-You are a great BIG sister! You take great care of Harper!
-You are becoming more and more independent! However, you respond to situations best when you know what to expect!
-You seem to be quite interested in and concerned with death, heaven and Jesus. You are doing a good job of connecting these concepts. have become a little fish this summer! You told me your favorite pool is Aunt Mary's!
-You are really enjoying different and new "shows" on Netflix!
-Your favorite song right now is "Gummybear!" You and Roo dance like crazy women to it!
-You are a coloring are getting to be quite good!
-I am amazed at how helpful you are. You are so great at clearing the table after dinner!
-You still hate wearing clothes. You love to run around in your undies!
-You are a gamer! Duck, Duck, Goose! Red Light, Green Light! Simon Says!
-You are a SERIOUS batter...I mean you whack the ball (when I pitch it to you) like a Champ!
-You are wearing 4T-5T clothes!
-You are looking more and more like a little girl and not a toddler! You are beautiful baby!

Harper Grace:
-You are my super climber. You climb all the ladders at the park like a pro!
-You love to mimic Hallie and follow her around!
-You also like to antagonize Hallie...she does it to you too!
-You love your Lovey and binki!
-You also love your kitty pillow pet and pounce him as soon as I put you in your crib.
-You are so funny!
-You are a dancing fool and singing machine!
-You have started telling Hallie, "No, NO, NO!" It cracks me up!
-You love to hug really tight around the neck...We love this!
-You are a "natural fish" love the water!
-You are obsessed with babies and are constantly caring for you baby dolls!
-You still love to cuddle and rock before bed. Mommy and Daddy love it too!
-You have darling curls in the back of your hair!
-You wear 24 month clothing!
-You wear size 4 diapers.
-You have 11 teeth!
-You are so stinkin' cute!

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  1. I love this! I just saw the crazy girls dancing to Gummy Bear this morning. They are sooo cute!