Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Kiddo Update!

Here are a few things I want to remember about my 3 little ones lately!
-I had your first conference ever on Monday. I was so proud of you! Miss Heidi told me that you are a leader in your class! She also told me that you are willing to try anything and you really engage in what you are doing! You are also ahead in the "academic" areas of school...such as writing your names, following directions when drawing shapes, and some other areas they evaluate in preschool! You are always so eager to learn...I am so thankful for that!
-When you are in a bad always say, "I am having a crabby day." It makes me laugh!
-You told me you wanted to get a fish bowl (meaning a fish)! I told you to ask Santa for it or ask for it for your birthday. Your response, "Maybe my birthday Mommy." I asked why...thinking Christmas comes sooner! Your response, "It will get Santa's bag all wet!" Oh, how I love your little mind!
-You are an amazing helper with Bowen and Harper! You play really well with Harper! You also have given Bowen a couple bottles and you are always willing to get a diaper for me!
-You say "cheese grilled" instead of grilled cheese! I love it...I am thinking of converting!
-You have a few "preferred playmates" at school. Emily, Rylan and Paige. You talk abou them all the time!

-Oh what joy and laughter you bring us! You are just oozing with sweetness too!
-At night I always ask you if you want your kitty pillow (meaning- are you ready to lay down?)! You use to always get excited and say yes...but lately you say, "No! (I want)Momma!" Then you snuggle into me...hoping I agree to a little more cuddle could I resist??
-We attempted to let you sleep in the big bed the other night! You scared the life out of me when you quietly appeared in my bedroom about 30 minutes later!
-When we ask you if you are always say NOOOOO! (Even when you stink to high heaven!)
-You enjoy healthy foods. Don't get me love cookies and sweets...but you happily eat beans, cottage cheese, chicken, fruits and veggies! I love this about you!
-You say "chocat milk" for chocolate milk.
-You love to jump off anything! You are my little daredevil!
-You can do a somersault.

-I didn't know that I could fall in love with another man...but have successfully stolen my heart (Daddy is still first though!)!
-You are a sweet, easy-going baby! I am so thankful!
-Your 2 week doctor appointment stats: 10 lbs 7 oz 21.75 inches
- We took you to the doctor when you were 1 month because I found a lump on your eyebrow. We found out it is a dermoid cyst. We will take you to a specialist in January to decide if it needs removed. You were 12lbs 7oz at that appointment.
-The last 5 nights have been have only been getting up once to nurse!

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