Monday, January 2, 2012

Flag going to Africa!

One of my cleaning jobs happens to be for an Oncologist (Dr. Hiatt). He is taking a trip to Africa where he will be one of the physicians for cancer patients as they climb a mountain. Sadly, I don't know what mountain they will climb...but I do know once they get to the top they will string tons of flags (made by a bunch of different people) to honor people who have fought, are fighting and have lost their battle with cancer. Rhonda gave me a flag to do! Of course, I wanted to honor my Grandma Dee! She lost her battle with Breast Cancer when I was in 5th grade. She was such a special lady to so many people! I wanted to get really creative with it but I chose to go simple due to the crazy holidays. Grandpa still talks about grandma's red skirt suit she wore after their wedding (It is his favorite color) I chose a red flag! We use to call Grandma "Grams" so I of course used our special name for her! Here is her flag that will honor her in Africa! I am so excited!

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