Monday, October 15, 2012

Bowen is 1!

My little Bo-be.
Can it be?  A year?  It just doesn't seem possible.  You, my sweet boy, are now one.  It is just crazy how fast this year flew by!  You brought so much JOY to our home this year.  Your sweet disposition and energy has filled our hearts.  You are covered in constant love from your sisters...even though you manage to fill your little hands with their hair from time to time. :)
Bo-be, being a momma to a boy has brought on some new emotions and thoughts I didn't ever expect to have.  I always thought football and hockey were great sports for boys...but now I find myself hoping you pick sports with less contact. :)  However, I remind myself that you are your father's son.  I learned quickly that you love noise and action.  Suddenly, noisiness and banging objects loudly are acceptable behaviors in our home.  As I think of your sweet face now, it is covered with whatever you ate for your last meal and a huge, contagious grin.
Also, I must tell you how proud your daddy is of you.  I don't think he thought he would ever have a boy!  He now has a fishing and hunting buddy...he is thrilled to say the least!  He always manages to get a good "belly-laugh" out of you too!  I love seeing my men together.
Lastly, Bowen Thomas, our prayer for you is that you follow Christ.  We pray for a deeply-rooted faith in HIM!  Run towards HIM, sweet boy!  He will never leave you.....always guide you....give you strength....and through Him all things are possible!
Happy Birthday boy.  We love you so much!

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