Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy Birthday Little Roo.

Little Roo...
Yesterday you turned 3 years old.  You woke up so happy and immediately put your birthday crown on!  You told me several times, "I am a big girl now!"  It brought me so much joy to see you so happy and feeling special (because you are)!  You soaked up all the birthday attention.  We ate at El Meriachi (your favorite) with your MiMis and PaPas!  You brought along your new dolly and enjoyed a gum ball from the quarter machine afterward! 
Today, I looked into registering you for preschool.  It should be easy the second time around...but I found myself wanting another year with you.  You still love cuddling and being my baby...babies don't go to preschool....but then I reminded myself what you told me, "I am a big girl now!" 
You bring so much joy to us little Roo!  We have especially loved watching your big personality come out this year!  You have become a little person of many words too!  We love hearing them!  You are a little beauty both inside and out!  We love you to bits!
Happy Birthday Harper!! 

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