Friday, February 3, 2012

Happy Birthday Hallie Kate!

Hallie Kate,

You are 4 years old now. I really can't believe it...I still remember the day of your birth like it was yesterday. You were such a lovely, sweet baby and you are turning into such a lovely sweet little girl.
You are so constantly pretend play and talk to yourself if Harper isn't around. You love, love, love mothering Harper and Bowen. You are so sweet when you do it too.
You are very focused and driven. You love to sit and practice writing for long periods of also like to draw pictures. You are very focused in gymnastics are always racing to the next thing and don't seem very interested in the social side. It makes me laugh and proud all at the same time!
You are good at remembering things...whether it is something we told you a long time ago, Bible verses for Awana, or someone's toy that was left at our house!
You are still a cuddle bear....oh how Daddy and I love this about you.
You are smart...I know I am your mom...I am suppose to say that. But I really do think you are smart. You are learning simple math problems and know all your letters, sounds and how to write them. You seem skilled with scissors too.
You are a rough and tumble girl but still like to get dressed up and look pretty.
You love Jesus...even though I don't think you fully understand Him yet. You still talk about Him and pray to Him like you love Him.
You are a Daddy's girl...not that I can blame you! ;)
You love to be outside and you love being busy. Even when you are tired you still go, go, go!
You are a good friend. You do your best to play fair and share at school and home.
You are silly!
You still love horses more than any other animal in the world.
You are compassionate when others are sad or hurt.

Hallie, you are so much more than the things I listed! We are so proud of you! We love you and can't wait to see all you do this year! Happy Birthday Hal Kat!

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