Monday, February 27, 2012

Hallie's Prayer

Tonight while Jon was putting Hallie to bed, he asked her who they should pray for. She gave an answer and then Jon suggested they pray for other kids who don't know Jesus.
She responded by saying, "Other kids don't know Jesus?" She really couldn't believe it.
"Why?" was her next response.
Jon explained to her that Mommy's and Daddy's in other countries don't know about Jesus so they are unable to tell their children about Him.
She then asked him, "How will they know Daddy?"
Jon told her that we can go tell them or we could send people to tell them.
She thought for a second and then said, "We should go to their country and tell them Daddy!" "How do we get there?"
Jon explained to her how we have to take an airplane to get to their countries.
She then went off for several minutes..."I will tell them what I know about Jesus. He died and rose again. He loves me. He made me. He "gives" (forgives) our sins. He made the grass and the trees. And the horses, the cows, the sheep the goats....and me. That's what I would tell them."

A child's faith is so refreshing. There was no hesitation about jobs or losing the American Dream or other excuses we get hung up on. Such a priceless conversation tonight.


  1. Melt my heart! This made me cry! What a beautiful, sweet, and God filled girl! I MISS yall soooo much. Talk soon!!! Loves!

  2. That is so sweet! You guys are doing such a great job raising your children!