Friday, August 3, 2012

Jesus is in my heart.

 Hallie and Jon's conversation a couple weeks ago:
"Daddy, do we have to die on the cross?"
"No, Hallie.  Jesus did that for us."
"Daddy, I asked Jesus into my heart on the way home from Home Depot."
"Do you want me to pray for you Hallie?"
 (Jon then prayed for her.)

This is just a snippet of Hallie asking Jesus into her heart.  I am sure she will do it again and again...but she is so genuine.  She is SOOOO happy that he lives in her heart! She has turned into quite the evangelist.  Here is a snippet of her conversation with Harper.

"Harper, Do you want to ask Jesus into your heart?"
(without waiting for the answer)
"Okay Harper, you need to pray this.  Fold your hand and close your eyes."
"Dear Lord"  (Harper repeats)
"Please come into my heart." (Harper repeats)
"We Love you Jesus!" (Harper repeats)
"Amen!" (Harper repeats)

After a great week at VBS, Hallie is constantly talking about being a child of God.  She tells us because she asked Jesus in her heart...she is a child of God and will live with Jesus in Heaven. 

We are so happy that she is choosing to follow God!  Our prayer is that as she grows up she will continue to follow him so passionately.   

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