Wednesday, August 29, 2012

First Day!

Miss Hallie,
On Monday you had your first day of Pre-K.  I was so excited and nervous for you...I am pretty sure your feelings were mutual!  We got to your classroom early (of course) to get you settled in to begin your day.  I could tell you were a little uncertain at first but within a few minutes you were beaming with confidence!  I thought, "That's my girl!"  Maybe part of me was wishing you would ask me to stay a little longer or even shed a quick tear for me, but you didn't!  You were eager to take on this new adventure!  I walked out of your classroom took one last peek in at were busy drawing and writing in your notebook!

As I left the school their were several tearful mommies.  It tugged at my heart and my emotions to see some of them upset....but I took a deep breath...and kept it together.  I knew I had spent the last 4 years at home with you preparing you for this day!  I said a little prayer for you...asking God to watch over you...and to give you that extra boost of courage if you encountered any difficult moments.  I loaded up your brother and sister and headed home to watch the clock for pick up time.  I was already eager to hear all about your big day!

I picked you up at 3:15 sharp!  You ran to me with a big smile on your face and immediately told me that "you loved it!"  I felt so proud of you!  Your teacher quickly told me you had a great day...but she didn't have to because it was truly written on your face.  In the car you told me you made lots of new friends but that you couldn't remember all their names...this made me laugh.  You also told me you had cereal and grape juice for snack.  You were quiet the rest of the time.  You were so worn out from your BIG day!   
Hallie girl, you are seeming so old to me these days.  I am so proud of you...even at your tender age of 4.  I am so happy God surprised us with you when He did.  I love you to pieces!



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