Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Harper Roo

-She pretend plays all day long.  Her beloved "Sopy" (Sophie) is her favorite 2 inch companion right now!
-She is a spicy.  She knows what she wants!
-She has discovered her femininity.  Hilarious, but not blog appropriate story.  I will never forget it!
-She still loves her binki...although she only get's it occasionally at nap time!
-She is learning her letters, numbers and shapes.
-She is still a momma's girl!
-She is a rebel in her carseat and often can be found unbuckled! UGH!
-She loves Bowen a lot but can sometimes love him a little too much!
-She talks about playing with Gi Gi and Kaila in the nursery!
-She is the life of the party already.
-Her hair is a sandy blonde and waves/flips at the ends.
-Her eyes are hazel surrounded by dark, thick lashes.
-She wears size 2T and some 3T.
-She loves to change her clothes and dress up.
-She has a strong preference for certain shoes.
-She takes her hair out a lot but loves getting it done!
-She still seems like a baby to me.  She loves to cuddle and rock at night!
-She loves being with her grandparents and Aunties and Uncles!
-Her favorite food is peanut butter anything.

She is a whole lot of fun right now and SOOOOO darn cute!  Two is one of my favorite ages!  Love my little Roo!

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