Monday, February 11, 2013

Happy Birthday Hallie Kate!

This is beyond late.

Miss Hallie Kate...
You are a BIG 5 year old now.  You are so proud to be 5 too!  You are changing from a sweet, chubby toddler to a lovely, little lady.
You are responsible beyond your years and you are always willing to help.  I love how you are so proud to be the oldest and you fit the role so well!
You are a spiritual little thing.  You often tell us you pray when you are in trouble or in a tough situation.
You are turning into a good little athlete.  It is so fun to watch you improve at gymnastics!  You are eagerly awaiting spring soccer season!
You are learning to read!  You are SUPER excited about the world of reading.
Your #1 hobby is coloring, drawing and writing!  You do this for hours daily.  I love seeing your imagination on paper.
You talk about Lauren, Macy, Adi, Carter and Charlie at school.  I think you have become good friends with them!
You have beautiful, long, straight blonde hair.  Your eyes are a clear blue with an occasional hint of green.  You are pretty tall right now when I compare you to others your age.  You are a strong little thing too!
You have a BIG heart Hallie!  I am so proud of the little lady you are becoming!  I love your passion for life and trying new things.  You are such a blessing to us!  Happy belated birthday sweet girl of mine!!



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