Thursday, April 4, 2013

Back to blogging.

So I had this brilliant idea to quit blogging and start journals for my kiddos.  Guess what?  I never started them.  So, I am back to blogging to them, or to you, or to myself....or whoever.  I am determined to have journals with them when they are a little older...I want to write back and forth in them. :) 

Here are my cuties on Easter.

Here's the latest on each of them...

-First-born ta-boot.  Driven...I wish I had your drive Hallie!  It's awesome to see you in action!
-Helper.  You are my constant helper...sometimes I forget you are only 5.  I appreciate you so stinkin' much.
-Happy.  You are one of the most happy and joyful people I know.
-Athlete.  You were asked to be on the gymnastics team.  I am so proud of your hard work!
-Smart.  You are excelling at school!  I love watching you learn.
Little one...I love cuddling up with you.  I love talking to you.  I love your compassion for people.  You are amazing and I love being your mom.

-Funny.  You are hilarious.  You constantly make us laugh. 
-Sister.  You are a great sister to both Hallie and Bo.  You play really well with both of your siblings.
-Helper.  You help me so much when Hallie is at school.  I am just discovering this about you.
-Girly, girl. You change your clothes a lot.  You also have great style already.  You also have a strong opinion on hair! LOL.
-Baby.  No matter how big you get, you still snuggle into me just like a baby.  Even though you are a big girl now...your still my baby.
Little Roo...I love our quiet afternoons together.  You are such an EASY kid!  I am so thankful for your spunk and often see so much of me in you.  You are my little Rooter.  I love you!

-Busy.  You are all over the place.  You exhaust me...yet you inspire me.  I LOVE how you are SUCH a boy!
-Strong.  You hang and swing from any type of bar you can find.  It gives me a heart attack...while you just giggle.
-Momma's boy:  Your latest thing with me...I run a few strands of my hair over your face while I rock you.  You love it.  You grab my hair and say more.  Melts me.
-Rough and tumble.  You tackle anyone who squats or sits down.  You love to wrestle.
-Outdoors men.  You are constantly grabbing your shoes and coat and running to the door.  I think you would live out there if you could.
Bo-be...You are getting so big.  It makes me sad, but I love this stage of discovering and learning.  I love rocking you at night.  I just can't get enough of you!  I LOVE YOU SOOOOO MUCH!